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Yazhi Guo Won the“Top Ten” reformers of Chinese traditional musical instruments in 2021

The 2021 Top 30 Chinese Tradition Musical Instrument Manufacturers and Top 10 Chinese Traditionl Musical Instrument Entrepreneurs, Top 10 Producers, Top 10 Reformers, and Top 10 Reformed Musical Instruments are released by the Chinese Tradition Orchestra Society Music Instrument Reform and Production Professional Committee. Mr..Guo was awarded the title of Top 10 Reformers.

Mr. Guo has successively invented and created the Suona activity core, the Multi-tone Hulusi, the Guzheng turning wheel and the double-slot fine-tuning string bridge. It has made great contributions to the reform and innovation of Chinese traditional musical instruments, the modern development of traditional musical instruments and the improvement of playing techniques.


Suona Activity Core

In modern stage performances, there are many problems with traditional suona performances. For example, the chromatic performance is poorly grasped, the intonation is unstable, the timbre is not uniform, the speed is slow, etc., and even some scales are difficult to perform continuously; there is a distant transition in the music, and the instrument cannot be changed in a short time. "Traditional musical instruments should also adapt to the times and keep pace with the development of music art." In 1992, wind musician Yazhi Guo invented the suona "Activity Core" device, which made the traditional suona play a chromatic scale and a Equal temperament system. Enriched the expressive power of suona. With the help of the suona core, Mr.Guo can control different music types and realize his own musical expression. The suona activity core technology has also been continuously improved in practical applications, and is gradually favored by the majority of suona performers. The suona activity core has played an active role in the application of traditional music intruments ensembles and modern music, pops and jazz music.

" All about suona activity core "---also spoke Mr.Yazhi Guo


Muilt-tone Hulusi

After more than three years, the multi-tone hulusi has been repeatedly tested and practiced, and the musical instrument developed with great concentration has been protected by a number of national patents.

The Muilt-tone Hulusi models are: Duoyin S-1 (B flat), Duoyin T-1 (G major), Duoyin C-1 (C). The multi-tone hulusi is a revolutionary musical instrument. Its fingering is based on the traditional 7-hole cucurbit flute. After a new design, it adopts the method of double-mouthed multi-pipe performance to broaden the range of the cucurbit flute and realize unlimited music. possibility. Compared with conventional hulusi, it has a wide range, can play harmony and polyphony, and is durable and easy to maintain.

" Amazing Grace " ---The Muilt-tone Hulusi by Yazhi Guo


Guzheng turning wheel and the double-slot fine-tuning string bridge

The guzheng turning wheel and the double-slot fine-tuning string bridge are the latest inventions of Mr. Guo.

When the traditional guzheng is playing works, it encounters some complex modern works. The advent of the double-slot string bridge has a great potential to solve the problem that the guzheng needs to change the key temporarily and temporarily change the tone. It can quickly make the required changes and adjustments without changing the traditional guzheng playing techniques and appearance, and expand the musical works. A new creative space for performers and composers for guzheng works.

The guzheng turning wheel and the double-slot fine-tuning string bridge in the concert

“ Awakening Light ” Concerto for Guzheng

Composed by : Xinyan Li

Guzheng player by : Yixin Wang


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