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The Polyphonic Hulusi invented by Yazhi Guo debuted at the China National Grand Theater.

The Polyphonic Hulusi invented by Yazhi Guo has made a splash at the China National Grand Theater on 27th Aug, and the new work "Glimpses of Miaoling" has added new charm to the art of hulusi.

Composer by: Wengong Cao

Polyphonic Hulusi by:Jinwen Jiang

Conductor by: Ming Zhang

Peformance by:Beijing Chinese Orchestra

At China National Grand Theater. 27 Aug 2023


This concert is one of a series of chamber music collections launched by the Beijing Chinese Orchestra. The entire concert invites Mr. Wengong Cao, my Famous music educator, composer, conductor, and professor of the China Conservatory of Music, as the artistic director, including many Wengong Cao excellent work created and adapted by Mr. Mr. Wengong Cao specially created the original work "Glimpses of Miaoling" for Polyphonic Hulusi.

"Glimpse of Miao Mountain" is a work with a beautiful melody and a strong ethnic minority style. The music shows the beautiful Miao Mountain, with green mountains、water and white clouds. Melodies floating on the Miao Ridge, a beautiful scene of abundance and peace. Young performer Jinwen Jiang perfectly interpreted the unique charm of this work through her superb performance skills and rich musical expression techniques.

Yazhi Guo and Jinwen Jiang

Wengong Cao

Music educator, conductor, ensemble teacher of China Conservatory of Music. He has devoted himself to the creation, arrangement, conducting and teaching of ethnic orchestras for more than 40 years, and has made very important contributions to the training, performance and guidance of ethnic orchestras. In the long-term teaching and practice, he has accumulated rich band experience and honed his unusual sense of band. Over the years, he has created many orchestra works, orchestrated many national operas and arranged a large number of folk songs. The works are concise, simple and strive for exquisite and plump effects. It not only emphasizes the integration of the band, but also gives each instrument a space to play, giving people a nice, easy to remember, and ingenious listening enjoyment.

In 2021, he was awarded the "National Music Lifetime Achievement Award" by the National Orchestra Association. Over the years, he has published "100 Folk Songs to Appreciate" (recording, arrangement, conducting), the national "14th Five-Year Plan" key publication "How Much Do You Know about Chinese Folk Songs" (recording, arrangement, conducting), and "Guzheng Ensemble Collection" Arrangements of "Chinese Plucked Music Collection", "Chinese National Orchestral Ensemble Collection", China Conservatory of Music's "Hulusi and Bawu Grade Examination Materials" and hundreds of Chinese folk songs.

Jinwen Jiang

Chinese bamboo flute player of the Beijing Chinese Orchestra, winner of the "Wenhua Award", the highest government award, and a master's degree graduate from the China Conservatory of Music.

She was carefully taught by teachers Jiang Xiangdong, Dong Pingwen and Li Zengguang. She studied under Professor Chen Yue at the China Conservatory of Music for her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In 2021, she won the Youth Group A Performance Award (the highest award) in the "7th National Youth Ethnic Instrumental Music Education and Teaching Achievements Exhibition" (formerly "Wenhua Award"). She successfully held the "Jinxiu" solo concert in Beijing in 2020 and 2021. She has cooperated with well-known orchestras such as Beijing National Orchestra and Chinese National School of Music Symphony Orchestra, and cooperated with famous conductors such as Shaoen, Zhang Ming, Jin Ye, Sun Peng, Fan Ni, etc., to perform Chinese bamboo flute concertos in concert halls such as the National Grand Theater.

Ming Zhang

Permanent conductor of the Beijing Chinese Orchestra; chief guest conductor of the Gansu Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theater, chief guest conductor of the Anhui Chinese Orchestra, guest conductor of the Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, guidance expert of the Art Committee of the Guangxi Chinese Orchestra, director of the Conducting Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestra Society, and Junior National High School Affiliated to the China Conservatory of Music Permanent conductor of the orchestra; Artistic Director of the Chinese National Chamber Orchestra of "Bu Yi Le Hu".


-Beijing Chinese Orchestra-

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