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“Chinese Tea & Music” Series of Lectures

“Chinese Tea & Music”Series of Lectures

Taste life, share the poetry of life

Chinese Tea and Music

The American Academy of World Music, the American Weston Academy and the Duoyin Global Ensemble jointly established the "Weston Music Health Center" and launched a series of lectures on "Chine Tea and Music". Led by Dean Yazhi Guo, a famous music master, specially invited literati and scholars with certain attainments and research on Chinese tea culture and Chinese traditional music performers, aiming to provide the community with a tea meeting, music health, and relaxation of the mind , A platform to taste life.

Chinese tea culture has a long history and can be traced back to the ancient society thousands of years ago. Tea, as a daily drink, has long been integrated into the life of the Chinese people. Ancient literati and poets often regarded tea tasting as an elegant event, and regarded it as a symbol of taste, self-cultivation and communication. Tea culture is not limited to tea drinking, but also involves tea ceremony, tea set, tea banquet and so on. The tea ceremony is the quintessence of tea culture, which integrates Zen thought and emphasizes the harmony and unity of state of mind, quality and atmosphere. Today, tea culture has become one of the representatives of Chinese traditional culture, and people all over the world are interested in it.

What complements the tea culture is traditional Chinese music. Chinese traditional music originated in ancient times and has experienced thousands of years of development, forming a unique music system. It is based on the five tones and Gong,Shang,Jiao,Zhi,Yu, and uses various national musical instruments such as Qin, Zheng, Xiao, and pipa to perform. Ancient Chinese literati regarded music as a necessary condition for self-cultivation, and many poems contained love and praise for music. There are various performance forms of traditional Chinese music, such as the dialogue between qin and flute, the symphony of suona and drum, etc., which fully embodies the musicians' pursuit of musical aesthetics.

Tea and music are integrated together to create a wonderful cultural picture. In ancient China, scholars and scholars drank tea and enjoyed music, integrated tea culture and music, and enjoyed a peaceful, far-reaching, harmonious and beautiful time together. Here, the fragrance of tea resonates with the rhyme, and people are intoxicated by the fragrance of tea and the beautiful melody of music, feeling the baptism of the soul and the poetry of life.

At the end of the event, we specially set up a session to improve English conversation for new and old immigrants, and invited local English teaching expert Ms. Sharon Wanunu to come to the site to give guidance. This is a rare opportunity.


2023.3.25 SAT



99 Westcliff Rd,Weston,MA 02493



Lecture Guests:


Yazhi Guo/Xun,Xiao,Flute,Guanzi and Hulusi

Junyi Zhan/Guqin

Host and Tea Artist:

Julius Wu

Yiyan Zhou

Introduction of English teaching expert:

Sharon Wanunu


· Yazhi Guo ·

Co-founder and founding President of the American Academy of World Music, performer, educator,and musical instrument reformer, active on the international stage. He is good at playing suona and a variety of Chinese and Western wind instruments. He is recognized by the industry as one of the best suona performers in the world, and he is committed to integrating Chinese music with world music. Graduated from the Traditional Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music in1990, and stayed on to teach at the school; in 2000, he became the principal of suona of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO); in 2012 he went to the United States to study, and also gave lectures and held lectures at Harvard University, Philadelphia University of the Arts and Berklee College of Music concert. He won the Pro Musicis International Award in New York in 1998 and the Hong Kong Artist of the Year Award in 2013. In 2015, he obtained the Artist Diploma of Berklee College of Music, and He has led the Beklee College of Music Band to visit China and Singapore many times.. He has recorded more than adozen of solo albums, many of which were released globally. The Suona active core developed by him won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Culture in 1993; he also developed Polyphonic Hulusi and and Guzheng transposition double-slot bridge, which has attracted much attention in the industry. In 2021, Co-founded the American Academy of World Music and the “” World Music Ensemble in Henderson House. “Top Ten” Reformers of Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments in 2021.

· Junyi Zhan ·

Junyi Zhan, Gangling Guqin inheritor, sound designer, mixing engineer, electronic producer, singer and songwriter. Currently study in Berklee College of Music, majors in Electronic Production and Design. Under the tutelage of Naiyang Tang, learnt guqin from around 12 years old, Junyi was suspicious of his identity as a guqin player and participated in gatherings and intangible cultural heritage activities. He was also active in performances at the Berkelee College of Music, and brought the possibility of electronic music and sound into the performance of the guqin.


· Julius Wu ·

Julius Wu has been a business executive at several multinational corporations. He is also a true tea enthusiast and advocator. He is an American Tea Master's association contributing member. In addition to developing teaching material for the Canadian Tea Master's association on the subject of Chinese tea, Julius has been teaching tea classes in the Boston area and online globally since 2012.

· Yiyan Zhou ·

An education and marketing consultant since 2004, Yiyan Zhou has a Fine Arts background. She has been active in the Boston communities in Chinese art, culture and business.

Combined with their love for ancient culture and respect for their own heritage, Wu and Zhou want to share their experiences of fine living with wider audiences. The simple pleasure of enjoying a cup of fine tea means much more to Yiyan and Julius. The appreciation and pursuit for the subtle fine tastes and savoring the lingering fragrance of tea brought out other hobbies such as the art of Chinese incense and tea ware. This is a journey of discoveries they invite guests to come along .


· Sharon Wanunu ·

Sharon Wanunu has been teaching English to adults in the United States and abroad for over 24 years! She loves to use her drama background in class, creating a dynamic and lively atmosphere. With a deep passion for language learning, Sharon inspires and motivates her students to overcome obstacles and help them find their own voices in English. She is the proud founder of My English Dialogue, an online learning company: Come join us!


American Academy of World Music

American Weston Academy

Duoyin Global Ensemble



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