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Introduction of the American Academy of World Music

Introduction of the American Academy of World Music

The American Academy of World Music is located at Henderson House, an exquisite historical mansion nestled on a hilltop majestically overlooking a picturesque New England landscape in Weston, Massachusetts. The Academy was founded on the premise of nurturing musicians of diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Under the leadership of the co-founder/first President, an internationally renowned woodwind master Pro. Yazhi Guo, the Academy plans to amalgamate outstanding world musicians to build an educational system equivalent to that of a musical college.

The mission of the Academy is to promote a new concept of world music, to cultivate versatile musical skills and talents of future generations, and to preserve and unite traditional cultures together.

Boston is a city well known for its world class educational environment with top institutions such as, Harvard, MIT, Berklee College of Music, and the New England Conservatory. The Academy will tap into their enormously rich resources and apply innovative concepts and advanced technologies to broaden students’ perspectives. They are the future of leading musicians - a future where various performing artists of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds integrate from around the world.

As the traditional, ethnic, and collaborative musical art forms garner more public attention and support, the Academy will strive to contribute these art forms in the realization of its dream of uniting all peoples and creating a peaceful world.

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