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Summoning Phoenix

Join us for an unforgettable evening with Yazhi Guo, a renowned virtuoso of the suona and a distinguished inventor of musical instruments. Experience the unique blend of traditional Chinese music and contemporary jazz through the mastery of the world’s premier suona performer.

About the Suona:

The suona, often heralded as the Chinese oboe, is a traditional wind instrument known for its distinctively loud and penetrating sound. It plays a pivotal role in Chinese folk and ceremonial music, capable of conveying a wide range of emotions. With its origins dating back centuries, the suona has been a staple in rituals, celebrations, and performances, enchanting audiences with its vibrant tones. Yazhi Guo, through his unparalleled skill and innovative techniques, has transformed the suona, bringing it to the forefront of global music.

Program Highlights:

中国畅想曲 (Fantasy of China)

唤凤 (Summoning Phoenix)

大漠长河 (The Vast Desert and Long River)

One Night in Beijing

旧欢如梦 (Old Joys, Like Dreams)

Yazhi’s Blues

Yazhi’s Turkish Delight

夜来梦江南 (Dreaming of the South in the Night)

The Magic Land


Admission is free for Harvard ID holders and CAMLab members.

A fee of $15 applies to non-Harvard participants.

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