​Yazhi Guo

Suona player. Musician. Composer

May this year is the 110th anniversary of Mr. Ma Sicong's birth and the 35th anniversary of his death. In order to commemorate the master who devoted his life to music and vigorously spread Mr. Ma's musical works and musical ideas, the event will be held on June 11 this year in Philadelphia. To hold a "Ma Sicong's 110th Birthday Anniversary Concert" to express our memory and respect for Mr. Ma, to comfort his spirit in the sky, to make more people understand and love his works, and to give more than two years of experience to the epidemic. Depressed friends, dedicate a musical feast!

The concert will be hosted by Time Art Salon. The concert will cover Mr. Ma Sicong's representative instrumental and vocal works from various periods. These carefully selected repertoires will lead you to relive the immortal works of a generation of music masters. Professor Yazhi Guo and his wife, Erhu player He Tao, will perform Rondo (1937) and Rondo No. 2 (1950) respectively in this concert.


Hulusi play by Yazhi Guo